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The Church Is The Body of Christ

The Church Is The Family of God

The Church Is…Glorious

The Church Is The Temple of God

I Ams of Jesus: Resurrection and the Life

I Ams of Jesus: The Way, The Truth and The Life

I Ams of Jesus: The Light of the World

I Ams of Jesus: The Bread of Life

The Great Banquet

The Eight Strike Woman

That’s What You Were

Forgiven Much

Jesus, Friend of Sinners

Dangerous Prayers: Your Will Be Done

Dangerous Prayers: Use Me

Dangerous Prayers: Search Me

First Things First: The Gospel First

First Things First: Give Of The First

First Things First: The Last Shall Be First

First Things First: Seek First The Kingdom

Jonah’s Folly

I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said: Forgive Others

I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said: Deny Yourself

I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said: Don’t Worry

Be Weird

SEVEN: The Lukewarm Church

SEVEN: The Tolerant Church

SEVEN: The Dead Church

SEVEN: The Drifting Church

SEVEN: The Compromising Church

SEVEN: The Faithful Church

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

The Parable of The Hidden Treasure and The Pearl

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Where Do You Sit?

Who Do You Say I Am? – Matthew 16

Mary or Martha

Seeing the Harvest

Slaying Your Giants

Why I Believe in God

Why I Believe The Bible

Forgive One Another

Famous Last Words: Joshua

Famous Last Words: Jesus

Famous Last Words: Paul

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

When Is Jesus Coming Back?

Isaiah’s Vision – Isaiah 6

But God Made Us Alive

But God Meant It For Good

But God Looks At The Heart

One Word….Repent

Spiritual Olympics: Run the Race

Spiritual Olympics: Wrestle With God

What If We Treated Our Faith Like Sports…

Look Towards Jerusalem

Who Really Killed Jesus?

The Raising of Lazarus

Jesus on Trial (The Six Trials of Jesus)

Kneel: A Church That Prays Together

Kneel: Praying Biblically

Kneel: Teach Us To Pray

Kneel: God Answers Prayer

Wait on the Lord

Encounters With Jesus: Rich Young Ruler

Encounters With Jesus: A Lame Man

Encounters With Jesus: At A Pharisee’s House

Encounters With Jesus: A Centurion

Encounters With Jesus: A Meal With Resurrected Lazarus

Encounters With Jesus: With A Tax Collector

Encounters With Jesus: The Almost Disciples

Encounters With Jesus: The Paralytic

Encounters With Jesus: Woman at The Well

Encounters With Jesus: Dead Girl, Sick Woman

Encounters With Jesus: A Fig Tree

Encounters With Jesus: A Woman Caught Red Handed

Who Is The Greatest In the Kingdom?

Playing With Fire (Sexual Sin)

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

The Weight of Glory

Future Glory

Radiance of His Glory

Glory to God

Glory to Glory

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